I'm Sorry But This Is The Way It Has To Be

by Steamroller

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Ben Bass throughout is fantastic Favorite track: WASTED.
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released December 21, 2012

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Joel Otte @Studiotte in Grand Rapids



all rights reserved


Steamroller Flint, Michigan

Steamroller is a 4 piece experimental hardcore band from Flint, MI.

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Track Name: INTRO
Oh, sweet dream weaver, what a web of lies you've wove this time. I just couldn't leave her. She stays in the back of my mind. Please say you believe me. I only trusted you when we were asleep. I'm sorry but this is the way it has to be.
Track Name: TORN IN TWO
The other day, I heard my mother pray. She begged to leave this place and leave us behind with the suffering. Was our weight to much to bear? No. I carried yours, it seems fair. Yeah, it seems pretty fair. The other night, I dreamt my best friends brother died. As god lifted him towards the sky, i swear I heard his soul ask me why. "Why did they have to take me away?" When I start to think it's not such a bad thing, I hang my head in shame. Why do i have all these thoughts running threw my head? Three years gone.
Every word you said it stuck in my head.
Kill yourself.
Jesus Christ I hope you cry yourself to sleep.
Sixteen long and painful years.
Where were you?
Forget it because the story it goes on and on.

Trapped inside of my own mind I tend to find all these stupid signs and pieces of my life I should have left behind.
I'm not blind.
How could you just abandon me over some stupid petty argument?
What you said was not an accident.
I still feel every word of it and because of you I still get sick.
Track Name: D.A.D
Four unheard words: "I love you, too." I never knew 22 would come so soon. I'm sorry, mom, but I hate that man; he never came to see the son he had, but I did just fine without you. You've made me so bitter. Just knowing I'm your seed completely disgusts me. I will find you swinging hammers.
Track Name: TRAPPED
Day in day out.
Your eyes glued to the ground.
You scrounge for bottles and cans, get that dope in your hands then supply it to my friends?
They say the good die young and I can't believe this one.
I hope you feel better about that fucking letter.
In the end I hope that you felt more than love.
Track Name: HALLOWS
I can't see anything. I can feel your hands clasp. I'll never know of this love. When will I see those lights shine? I'm bleeding through onto you, though your jeans, all over everything. When will i see those lights shine? I'm fading in and out. All of my friends will be down here. We ain't afraid to die because we'll stay down here.
Track Name: I'M SORRY
My father split, just left, always avoided those checks, and then he grew old and died; what a great success. He thought he was top gun, but I'm not one to talk so please disregard this all. I'm saying doubtful one, you've got three sons. I'm going to find you. This time I'm not holding back. but it's the way it has to be. I'm sorry but this is the way it has to be.
Track Name: I TRIED
We’re scratching for something what something I wish I knew.
You left me alone at noon.
Now the number of people I love dwindles every day.
At least I tried.
Now the hate that I hold inside of my head rests in my hands.
All the fucking hate that I've held inside of my head it now rests in my hands and I will strike back.
Track Name: WASTED
Iv'e wasted youth and iv'e wasted time.
You're gonna get yours, I'm gonna get mine.
In a city with no respect I dig these graves again until all my friends disconnect.
This vicious cycle in thirty miles will all disappear.
I sit alone in my room with no lights.
I'm just begging for a way to make everyday not feel so much like the last one.
I'm so sick of this fucking sun cause I just want to feel.
It's such a vicious cycle i'm thrown in.
I don't care.
I'm making this okay.
I've never had anything. Now they all stare at me. I promise to keep mourning all these stupid kids who only think with the head of their dicks. all for a fix of some underage, fake I.D., carrying bitch. Pull your head out of your ass and get a grasp on what you lost. Your reality, it doesn't rest on me.